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Ultima Tips and Easter Eggs by Steven

The Ultima Easter Eggs Collection

Formatted by G.Ganesh (

Author: Steven J. Saunders (
Last Modified: See the Changelog below.

This document is a compilation of Easter Eggs found in any of the Ultima series of CRPGs. If you want to contribute, email me:

I have not had time to verify all the contributions sent to me. If you notice one that doesn't seem to be correct please email me with the correction.

Spoilers about the results of using the information in this document appear at the bottom so that those who wish to see it for themselves wont accidentally read the results while reading about the egg. Only some eggs have spoilers.

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October 11, 1999
Easter Egg 5 for Ultima V - Warriors of Destiny

July 9, 1999
Easter Egg 39 for Ultima VII - The Black Gate
Easter Egg 12 for Ultima VII Part II - The Serpent Isle.

March 24, 1999
Cheat 8 for Ultima VII - The Black Gate.

March 15, 1999
Easter Egg 38 for Ultima VII - The Black Gate.

February 2, 1999
More major format changes (one day I'll be happy with it.)
Extra info in Easter Egg 10 for Ultima VII Part II - The Serpent Isle.
Easter Egg 11 for Ultima VII Part II - The Serpent Isle.
Cheat 7 for Ultima VII - The Black Gate.

September 30, 1998
Easter Egg 2 for Ultima VI - The False Prophet

September 17, 1998
Format update. Many small changes.
Easter Eggs 35, 36 and 37 for Ultima VII - The Black Gate.
Easter Egg 10 for Ultima VII Part II - The Serpent Isle.
Easter Egg 3 for Ultima VIII - Pagan.

Ultima I: The First Age of Darkness
Ultima II: The Revenge of the Enchantress
Ultima III: Exodus

At present I have nothing for these games. Contributions are welcome.

Ultima IV: Quest of The Avatar

Easter Eggs:

(1) Use the Skull of Mondain.


(1) In the Amiga version, say "Banjo" backwards to anyone and you will be given Banjo Bob's secret number. Banjo Bob was the author of the Amiga version. If you think you know what the number means, please email me. It doesn't appear to change as the game progresses.

Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny

Easter Eggs:

  1. Look at a well and when it asks, drop in a coin. Wish for any of the following: Corvette, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, Porsche, Horse. Notes: This doesn't seem to work for all wells. It does work in the well in Empath Abbey. Works on the Apple ][ Version, unsure about others. Goldenflame Dragon advised me that this works on the C64 version.
  2. Once you have left Iolo's Hut at the start of the game go back in and visit the stables. There will be a horse there. You should talk to it at least twice. It also helps if you have already played Ultima IV.
  3. If you have finished Ultima V and have Ultima VII Part II then go to the monastery (In U7 pt 2) and read the books there.
  4. Yell "FLIPFLOP". Note: As far as I know, this only works in the Apple ][ version. Contributor: Jocksitter Dragon
  5. Talk to nearly any NPC and say a swear word. Contributor: HK Dragon

Ultima VI: The False Prophet

Easter Eggs:

  1. Talk to Smith The Horse at Iolo's Hut and he will give you a truly important clue.
  2. You can listen to all the different music tracks in the game from the title screen (where you select either Introduction, Create a Character, Journey Onward etc.) by pressing one of the keys on the top row of the keyboard (i.e. 1234567890-=) 
    Contributors: Equinox Dragon and Underworld Dragon


  1. Hold down "alt" and type 213 on the numeric keypad, then let "alt" go. Result: You get a free gem view and a number.
    The number is broken down as follows (for e.g. 7510260170161) 75 is your Karma. 1026 is the time. 017, 016, 1 is your present coordinates.
  2. Hold down "alt" and type 214 on the numeric keypad, then let "alt" go. Result: This is a teleport cheat. You will be asked for three coordinates and then transported there. You can get the coordinates for a location by going to it and using the Alt-213 cheat listed above.
  3. Hold down "alt" and type 215 on the numeric keypad, then let "alt" go. Result: Causes an hour of game time to pass.
  4. Speak to Iolo and say:
    spam (enter) spam (enter) spam (enter) humbug (enter)
    Result: You will get a cheaters menu with many useful functions.

Ultima VII: The Black Gate

Easter Eggs:

  1. Warning, this one is a bit violent: Kill Lord British. There are a number of ways to accomplish this feat. Each of them is amusing so try them all.
    1. At certain times LB can be seen standing underneath the plaque which reads "The Throne Room of Lord British". While he is there double click on the sign. LB can always be found under the plaque at 12 noon.
    2. Use the Black Sword's Death Power on him (Finish The Forge of Virtue add-on to get the sword.)
    3. Use a cannon. Contributors: Halifax Dragon and Sean O'Neil
  2. Use one of the above methods to kill LB and search his body (or use the Alt-4 cheat to get his objects without killing him.) Read his will.
  3. Talk to people in Cove about the girl who tends the shrine. Talk to the girl too, she will want you to find out about her father. To do so you will need to talk to the monks at Empath Abbey and the Emps.
  4. Speak to chuckles and try to figure out the rules to his game and then play it. If you are successful he will give you a clue.
  5. Get the cube (either from the generator or the Trinsic cheat room.) Talk to people. Especially Klog (Trinsic), Elynor (Minoc), Danag (Buc's Den) and Batlin (Britain.)
  6. Talk to the farmer who owns the farm just east of Britain. Examine the object that "landed" in his field. In his shed the Hoe of Destruction can be found. You can blow up the door or try to find the key.
  7. If you come across a parrot and there is a gavel nearby hit the parrot with the gavel. There is one in Spark's house in northwest Trinsic.
  8. Cast the Armageddon Spell. Talk to Lord British and Batlin afterwards.
  9. Go to the north shore of the lake which is surrounded by mountains (west of Britain) where you will find the very useful flying carpet. The coordinates are 8N 31W or Hex 269, 41e, 0.
  10. Go to the Bee Cave. Sextant Coords 56N 54W Hex 189, 239, 0. Speak to the nudists. Make sure Spark is in your group.
  11. Go to Ambrosia. Sextant Coords 81N 187E Hex af8, 144, 0. There is a tower here surrounded by water. Find a way in and you will find a diary inside. Read it.
  12. There is a fair just west of Lord British's castle. Try the strength test, see if you can make the bell ring. You get a prize. Note: I could only do this after finishing the Forge of Virtue and getting my strength increased by LB. 
  13. Visit Serpent's Hold and speak to the people there. They should strongly remind you of another group of people.
  14. Go to the bread shop in Britain. Sextant Coords 28S 3W Hex 384, 586, 0. To get started baking bread, use the flour.
  15. Use dirty diapers on people. One place where they can be found is in the nursery of LB's castle.
  16. Visit the House of the dead. It can only be reached by cheating. Hex coords are 5a8,508,0.
  17. Go to the dungeon at Sextant Coords 113S 10W Hex 338,8da,0. Talk to the Unicorn. Try doing this before you have visited Buccaneers Den then restart the game and visit Bucaneers Den before you talk to the Unicorn.
  18. Go mining. You can mine for Blackrock, Iron Ore, and Lead. For Blackrock go to the dungeon NW of Vesper (Sextant 20N 121E) the machine is at Hex 764,435,0 For Iron Ore: Hex 5be,2c4,0. Lead: Hex 807,39a,0.
  19. If you like using the musket then you can get bullets by double clicking on the large dinosaur bones scattered throughout the game. The first set you are likely to encounter is in the swamp between Trinsic and Paws.
    Contributor: Mike Wilson (Morgul Dragon)
  20. There is a life-size Knight's Bridge Board near Empath Abbey. Sextant Coords 71N 54W Hex 185,1ab,0.
  21. Head South from Dungeon Wrong. There is a field of poppies here. Walk in.
    Contributor: Matthew Ross
  22. Visit Stonegate Castle, in the Swamps North of Lock Lake.
    Contributor: Matthew Ross
  23. I haven't checked this one myself. On an island west of Trinsic There should be a hut. Enter and you should find a dead chicken and a skeleton key. Use the skeleton key instead of lock picks.
    Contributor: Matthew Ross
  24. Near Vesper, there should be a large X on the ground. There are some glass swords here as well as a chest with some junk and a key in it. If you have speech the guardian will say something here backwards.
    Contributor: Matthew Ross and Jacob Wysopal
  25. There is a key under the pile of clothes in a western room of Serpents Hold.
    Contributor: Matthew Ross
  26. Try using the Black Sword's death power on the Ferryman or Batlin
    Contributor: Lord Xavion
  27. Just south of Trinsic, at sextant coords 128S 3W hex 37b,972,0 There is a chest hidden under a tree. It contains some useful stuff (especially for those who are just starting and have only just gotten out of Trinsic) You can open it by attacking it repeatedly.
  28. In the Test of Love in The Forge of Virtue Add-On, just behind the Stone of Castamber there is a lever. You can only see a couple of pixels of it. Throw it.
  29. Visit the Cemetery in Skara Brae. Sextant Coords 54S 65W Hex 117,68a,0. There is a small building there with two statues on either side of the entrance (throw the switch). Left of the building is a statue on a pedestal. Behind and to the left of this statue is a lever (practically impossible to see) Throw this lever.
  30. On a small isle north of Jhelom there is a room inside the mountains. Walk west into the mountains (even though there is no visible entrance.) Sextant Coords are 117S 43W. Hex 1f7, 907, 0.
  31. Use crates and the anvil to build a staircase up to the roof of the Smithy in Trinsic. Climb up onto the roof and walk around the chimney.
  32. Warning, this one is a bit violent. Visit The Mint in Britain. Give the lady a sleeping potion then kill her. Advance to the next room using the key, lock out the guard and take all the gold. Repeat this in each room (you might have to fight a guard or two). Once you have collected all the gold, take the body to the healer and get her healed. Talk to her and get the gold bricks and nuggets exchanged for gold coins.
    Contributor: <name removed at author's request> (aka Hunting Hawk)
  33. Visit Iolo's Hut. Talk to Smith The Horse and he will give you a truly important clue.
  34. There is a secret room in the mountains west of Britain that can only be reached by cheating. It is on the western side of the mountains, just south of the stream. Go the Hex Coords 1f2,407,0 use the cheat mode
    to make yourself ethereal and walk east into the mountains. Or otherwise teleport right into the room at Hex Coords 209,407,0 After you are done here try going and talking to LB and Batlin. Also try examining objects and using the cheat menus. This is one of the funniest things in the game IMHO.
  35. Use the Black Sword's death power on a Liche. If you don't know where to find one, there is one in the dungeon on Ambrosia. The response is quite amusing.
    Contributor: The Dark Templar
  36. One of the actors or actresses in Britain is apparently carrying a Troll. I haven't confirmed this one but presumably you can find it by using the Alt-4 cheat or (as Kevin suggested) by killing the person.
    Contributor: Kevin Beto
  37. Use the item creation cheat to create a dead body. Resurrect the dead body and it will behave strangely.
    Contributor: Lyn & Tony
  38. "Peeping Tom At The Observatory! Secluded Scholar Turns Out To Be A Pervert!"
    In the observatory in Moonglow, look in the crystal ball in Brion's bedroom. It's "tuned" (or whatever one does call it) to the private room of Martine, one of the ladies of the Baths in Buccaneer's Den. Hex coords are b39, 5d0, 0.
    Contributor: Daniel Huettl (Who's email was so well laid out for me that I could just cut and paste most of the above. Thanks Daniel!)
  39. Wait until Erethian is standing in the middle of the entrance hall of the Castle of Fire, for he will need some space (a good time could be when he summons the forge equipment for you, or simply use the hackmover). Then ask him about his blindness. Do this before and after you destroy the tetrahedron generator, though you might have to use different savegames because Erethian *will* get fed up with your boorishness.
    Contributor: Daniel Huettl (Yet another great submission -- thanks!)


  1. When starting the game use the following command line

    c:\games\u7> ultima7 ABCD<alt-255>

    The ABCD has to be in capitals and the <alt-255> is achieved by holding down "alt" and typing 255 on the numeric keypad
    and then letting "alt" go. Note: Entries (2)-(6) only work if you activate the cheat mode by using the method in (1) above.
  2. Press F1 for a list of cheat keys and what they do. F2 brings up a cheaters menu with lots of functions. 
  3. Hit F3 and a map of Britannia appears. Click on it and you will be teleported to the place where you clicked.
  4. Hold down alt and hit 4 and then click on someone and they will drop everything they are carrying.
  5. There is a Hack Mover option in the F2 cheaters menu. Turn it on and you will be able to move anything (including yourself and ground tiles)
  6. The F2 menu has a teleport option that you can use to teleport to Hex coordinates listed in the Easter Eggs above.
  7. Fissif's Dragon wrote in with this one. If you set the ethereal flag to 'yes' for the Avatar you can walk on water and through walls. Ghosts have this flag set.
  8. In eastern Britain, next to the house of the gargoyles Inwisloklem and Wislem, there is a tree. Take something you can stand on, e.g. the chest from the house, and put it next to the tree. Walk up, and you will be teleported to the room you get from the Trinsic Cheat Room (the one with the many teleport platforms). If you have trouble finding the right spot, use the hack mover and remove the tree so that you will be able to see the teleport egg. Hex coordinates are 42d, 54c, 0.
    Contributor: Daniel Huettl (Once again, this submission was so well laid out that I could just cut and paste the above straight from the email. Thanks *again* Daniel!)

Ultima VII Part II: The Serpent Isle

Easter Eggs:

  1. Go to sextant coords 109N 80W hex 085, 02a. Read the plaques on the walls and talk to people here. 
    Don't go here if you have already spoken to Smith The Horse in the Dream Realm.
  2. Go to Cat Isle at sextant coords 108S 73E hex 644, 8b4. 
  3. Visit the Mad Mage Mountains at sextant coords 25S 102E hex 7d7, 551 More interesting stuff and people to be found here. This area can be reached by stepping on a stump outside Stephano's old house at Sextant Coords 81S 101E (near Moonshade). The stump has a teleporter which takes you to an island. On the island there is another teleporter which takes you back to Stephano's and an invisible walkway to the north which leads to Mad Mage Mountains.
  4. Visit the The House of Wares in the woods southwest of Fawn. Sextant Coords 77S 28W Hex 286, 778.
  5. The main stairs leading to Pothos' place has a secret door in the wall. Inside a stairway leads to a small room with a lightning whip. Another secret wall in the north of this room leads to a passage which leads to a door. The door can be unlocked with the key to Pothos' vault, which can be found under his chair. Behind the door is a teleporter which takes you to an interesting place but you will need to cheat to get out.
  6. Go to hex coords 884, 207. Under the bridge here there is a plaque. You will need to hack-move sections of the bridge to be able to see/read it.
  7. Visit the Monastery's Library. Read the books here if you have finished Ultima V. 
  8. Use the install program to disable sound (select no sound) then run the intro with the command line:
    c:\games\u7pt2> intro hisss jive
  9. Go to the castle in Dream World. Talk to Smith The Horse and he will give you a truly important clue. He is a Nightmare, not a normal horse.
  10. East of the Inn of the Sleeping Bull there is a large obelisk with an invisible chest on top of it. It contains many useful items. You will need to use the Hack Mover or alt-4 cheat to get at its contents. Binary Dragon has written in to tell me you can get to the chest without cheating by making a staircase with crates (find crates in Fawn.) Binary also tells me that the key to the chest can be found in a hollow tree south of the Inn (near the southern fence.)
    Contributor: 5oh and Binary Dragon.
  11. Lead Ankh Dragon wrote in to say: "I've made a discovery in U7 part 2 (SI): when I'm on Silver Seed Quest, in the dinner hall of Serpent Keep, I tried to doubleclick on the pillars and I found myself on a sort of parallel test!"
    Contributor: Lead Ankh Dragon.
  12. When, in Serpent Isle, you enter the world of dreams, you have to face a strange and evil wizard named Rabindrinath that has this knack for harassing the Avatar with some really weird (almost insane) poetry. Well, this character is clearly based on an Indian poet named Rabindranath Tagore, probably the greatest poet in the history of India who even wrote the lyrics for their national anthem. Just like the wizard in Serpent Isle, the original Rabindranath is known for his unusual poems, let me give you an example:
    "In the drowsy dark cave 
    Of the mind,
    Dreams build their nest 
    With fragments dropped
    From day's caravan."
    Contributor: Binary Dragon (cut & pasted straight from his email.)


  1. Activate the cheat mode by starting the game with the command line:

    c:\games\u7pt2> serpent pass

    If you have the Silver Seed Add-On then use this instead:

    c:\games\u7pt2> serpent manimal

    This will activate the cheat mode which works pretty much the same as the cheat mode in Ultima VII: The Black Gate.
  2. Create the files "quotes.flg" and "endgame.flg" in the "static" directory. Start the game and you will have an option to see the endgame on the main menu.

Ultima VIII: Pagan

Easter Eggs:

  1. Cast rock flesh and then ignite a lot of bombs in your backpack right before you read Mythren's Book in the cellar of the castle you will still see the execution sequence where Mordia dies. If you go back to the cellar you can collect your body parts.
    Contributor: Patrick Hubert
  2. When the guard is questioning the peasant, put 4 flasks of oil between them, 2 each. Ignite the bottles near the peasants. It
    shall kill him but the guard is alive. Kill him and you will get two talking corpses.
    Contributor: Ng Ying Tat (Exacto Dragon)
  3. You should be able to unleash Pyros when the sorcerers go to summon him by doing the following:
    a) Don't have a candle with you
    b) Don't have an ignite spell ready
    c) When the guy tells you to bow ask "Must I?" before doing so
    Contributor: Mark Kennedy


Here are spoilers that explain what happens when you 'use' one of the eggs above. They are kept separate from the Eggs so that people who want to see the results for themselves wont accidentally read them.

Ultima IV Spoilers

Easter Eggs:

  1. Every living thing on-screen is killed. Your karma is also drastically reduced.

Ultima V Spoilers

Easter Eggs:

  1. A horse will appear beside the well.
  2. Apparently, Origin forgot to make Smith give a clue in Ultima IV so they put it in Ultima V as a joke. He has since appeared in Ultima VI, VII, and VII part II, always giving you an important clue about the previous game.
  3. One of the books tells you a bit about what happened to Blackthorn after Ultima V.
  4. Everything flips upside-down. Yell it again to restore it to normal.
  5. They will reply "With language like that, how did you become an Avatar?"

Ultima VI Spoilers

Easter Eggs:

  1. See the spoiler for Ultima V Egg 2.

Ultima VII Spoilers

  1. Read it, it's quite funny.
  2. She falls in love with you once you have found out about her father.
  3. The rule is that you can only say words with one syllable.
  4. The cube forces people to tell you the truth.
  5. The object is a spacecraft from Origin's Wing Commander games.
    The key to the shed can be found on the shore of Lock Lake at Sextant coordinates 2N 48E or Hex coords 587, 457, 0.
  6. The parrot will give you the sextant coords of a treasure.
  7. Almost everyone in Britannia is killed. Lord British is not pleased.
  8. Spark has a very amusing reaction.
  9. The prize you win is a stuffed toy.
  10. There people in Serpent Hold resemble characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  11. The Unicorn will ask about your virginity. Your companions will laugh if you are still a virgin.
  12. You should fall asleep.
  13. There is a Magebane sword here.
  14. The key opens the chest in the dining room in Serpent's Hold. The Guardian says: "I am the Pagan Lord" backwards. Presumably referring to Ultima VIII.
  15. The key opens the weapons vault.
  16. It will open a secret door in the passageways to the north. Go through it and you will find a Death Scythe, about 10 glass swords and some other stuff.
  17. The side of the building opens up. Inside is a nightstand. Inside that is some useful stuff including the Soul Cage and the Vial.
  18. There are many items here including the deeds to three ships.
  19. You are teleported to the Trinsic cheat room. There is lots of great stuff here including all major quest items. Enough magical weapons and armour for your entire party and a fully loaded spellbook.
  20. See the spoiler for Ultima V Egg 2
  21. Lord British will appear and blow you away for cheating.
  22. Erethian will show you just how powerful a magician he is by trying to transmorph into a winged gargoyle and a dragon. If the tetrahedron generator is still working, he will fail and transform into a mouse and a cow instead.

Ultima VII Part II Spoilers

Easter Eggs:

  1. There are lots of treasures and major quest items here.
  2. The pirate is a software pirate, complete with computer.
  3. It's a football field, complete with opposing teams (and cheerleaders if I recall correctly.)
  4. It says: Turn off hack mover you cheater.
  5. See the spoiler for Ultima V Egg 3.
  6. The script for the intro is changed. The new one is quite funny. "Batlin, know that my face is most muppet-like..."
  7. See the Spoiler for Ultima V Egg 2.

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