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Please be aware when running the program

  • You have to set up a mySQL database with the files given. The database name must be mobileshopping and the server localhost with the port - 80.
  • The MIDlet is hard coded with localhost as the server. It has code to use the server from the MIDlet JAD config but it has not been tested yet.
  • Two libraries are bundled with the webapp, provided in the lib folder - Jimi and mySQL Driver.


The ZIP file contains 5 archives.

Server Web Application (JSPs and Servlets). Must be deployed under localhost:8080 under mobileshopping context. (705KB)



Database files for mySQL. Place this in mysql/data folder. (Optional, only if database script import fails)



Mobile Shopping Customer Edition MIDlet. This is what the customer will use to access the shopping data in his handheld. Use "t" and "t" for username/password.



Mobile Shopping Employee Edition MIDlet. For use by employees in their handheld. Includes functions for processing orders, and the whole customer functions. Use "m" and "m" for username/password.



Database script file.


Download zip file - Version 0.52 (789 KB - Beta Release to Public)
Download full source zip file - Version 0.51 (910 KB - EDUCATIONAL usage only)

You're advised to download the runnable zip file if you download the source as you need the SQL statements.

Please note: Although the application has been widely tested, there has to be a disclaimer for every thing, so here goes - The author cannot be held responsible for any damage or other consequences of using this software.


UPDATE 7th May 2007: The code has been revised to work with the latest emulators. Hence the 0.01 change.

If response is good, I will make many things in the server side configurable, such as the server URL. Additionally, JSPs and Servlets to process the orders will also be made.

System Configuration

Server Config
Tomcat 3+
JDK 1.4+
mySQL 3.2+

Sun Wireless Toolkit 2.5

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