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September 19 2009, 0045 GMT+8

  • Andrè Pietroschek sends a new PDF and OpenDocument version of the Planescape: Torment story.

July 18 2009, 2242 GMT+8

January 16 2009, 2200 GMT+8

  • Added new guides by Jonathan Chang and Steven de Rooij in Planescape: Torment section
  • Added a whole lot of new Funny Videos

December 22 2008, 0300 GMT+8

December 15 2008, 1420 GMT+8

Lots of updates done in the background in the past few weeks

  • PHP Ajax Domain Checker now has more helpful pages and is also more usable as a include file.
  • Comments system is now paged with better much performance as well as sending a e-mail notification when someone replies to your post
  • Updated Dreamhost Review article on how Bootstrike.Com handled a traffic surge
  • Digg More Stores Per Page is has some bug fixes as well as a keyword filter

September 26 2008, 2200 GMT+8

  • As you have no doubt seen, Bootstrike has switched to a white colored background.
  • Added Torment 1280 x 800 patch in Files section
  • Optimized CSS print mode for wider usage of paper.

August 24 2008, 0253 GMT+8

July 9 2008, 0200 GMT+8

  • As I was getting tired of catching up with Digg stories and clicking Next Page so many times, I thought, why not use the Digg API to show more items per page? So here's a PHP project done and still being improved - Digg More Stores Per Page

July 7 2008, 0200 GMT+8

  • Added print CSS. Now when you print any page, only this content area is printed!
  • HTML4 Strict compatibility changes. iFrame doesn't seem to be supported so that is the major validator stumbler for now.

June 26 2008, 1900 GMT+8

June 6 2008, 2115 GMT+8

  • Added Misc Region Free image to Laughter Hell!

June 3 2008, 2150 GMT+8

May 14 2008, 1800 GMT+8

  • Several additions to the Planescape: torment and Ultima sections, too many to name
  • Layout of the pages has been changed

May 8 2008, 0400 GMT+8

  • Updated Web Design Mistakes with JavaScript and Accessibility
  • Upgraded to the latest phpBB3 Forum - please visit and discuss!
  • Added Gigaquad's Ultima Underworld Natural Lights patch to Downloads
  • Added Misc funny image
  • Added Ultima VII: The Black Gate Annotated Maps and Quest Flow Chart in Hints section
  • Lots of [beta] editors and downloads added to Underworld downloads and solutions page. Thanks to UW Editing Central links.

Apr 30 2008, 0030 GMT+8

4th Jan 2008 1830 GMT+8

  • [26th January 2008] Removal of unnecessary lines in the design, increase of font sizes and better header names in navigation
  • Added a walkthrough for UW2 and General Midi patch for UW1 and UW2.
  • Added a walkthrough for Ultima VIII
  • Added a Misc image joke
  • Funny Video of Stuck Vending Machine added.

4th Dec 2007 1745 GMT+8

20th August 2007 1415 GMT+8

Released a new open source project. As well as a few new additions.

20th July 2007 1715 GMT+8

We're up with a new host - DreamHost! Hosting Zoom created too many problems with DNS and raw logs so here's trying a big company. Review coming soon to the articles section!

UPDATE Aug 01 2007 - as promised, the review of DreamHost.

2nd July 2007 1345 GMT+8


21st Jan 2007 2000 GMT+8

Due to the popularity of YouTube and Google Videos, a new section has been launched in Laughter HELL - Funny Videos!

5th May 2007 2000 GMT+8

A very long time since the site was last updated due to my studies. Now that my exams are over, look out for more updates!

30th Dec 2006 2100 GMT+8

Happy new year! Merry Christmas. Use our Greetings E-Cards to send your cards! Additions

12th Nov 2006 1500 GMT+8


15th Aug 2006 2230 GMT+8

Minor changes. Currently developing a PHP project so it is sucking up most of my time

7th June 2006 0100 GMT+8

Lots of changes to the whole site. To most of the visitors, it won't be noticeable, except for the page titles and font sizes. I'm experimenting, you can let me know your feedback. Meanwhile, feel free to adjust sizes using your browser's text resize feature.

  • (14th June 2006) Fonts back to normal sizes.
  • (10th June 2006) Added option to remove ads for a page temporarily
  • (10th June 2006) Print function kicks in when user selects Print in IE
  • Font Size increased to standard values. It feels much easier on the eye this way, especially reading long documents. Experimental.
  • Titles and Meta Descriptions modified for many pages for seachers to easier find our pages
  • Some documents, mostly Ultima, underwent full formatting changes from the preformatted text to full HTMLized text.
  • Featured Joke - Interview with a Honest Boss added!
  • 9 Things I Hate About Everyone, World Cup DND Notice to Ladies Smart Jokes added.
  • Make Love for the First Time Love joke.
  • Broken Lift Ah Beng joke.

15th May 2006 2100 GMT+8

Changes to the video code in Laughter HELL! Featured videos. Now it should show properly in Firefox!

11th April 2006 2100 GMT+8

A visitor, Frank, complained that the font size is too small and hurts his eyes. A survey was done and it was established that it was true - so now the font sizes are slightly bigger. Use your browsers Text Size to control the font-size if needed.

3rd March 2006 0000 GMT+8

Fixed up the whole website with CSS. With the number of pages, this was not an easy job. The CSS is still causing problems with bulleted text. Added some technical support jokes to the Computer section.

  • Technical support jokes added to Computer section
  • Fixed pages not playing MIDI music

13th February 2006 2200 GMT+8

Following are the updates.

10th December 2005 2200 GMT+8

Our Greeting Card site is finally up and running with the full user-friendly interface. Check it out - Create a Christmas card or two for your loved one! Here's the list of updates.

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