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Recontracting with Singtel Mobile, Singtel Mio, Starhub or Mobile One (M1) and don't need a new phone?

We pay you cold hard cash on the spot in return for allowing us to purchase a phone with your account. If you have vouchers, we compensate you up to 100% of the voucher's value.

how it works

  1. SMS us in the below specified format for the latest rate that we offer. Depending on your mobile plan and current mobile promotions by your mobile services provider, we may pay up to $1000 and more for your phone.
  2. Schedule a meet-up at one of the many outlets - Hello! shop for Singtel, M1 Shop for Mobile One and Starhub Shop.
  3. Meet-up and apply/recontract the mobile plan
  4. After we have collected the phone at the shop, we pay you cold hard cash on the spot!

current payouts (payouts subject to changes)

Last updated 22 October 2013. NOTE: Payouts subject to CHANGES every week! Please SMS us for the latest rates!

Unfortunately, due to constantly changing telco promotions, we are not able to state trade in prices here. Please SMS us.


SuperLite Ask
Lite Ask
Value Ask
Plus Ask
Prestige Ask
iOne SuperValue Ask
iOne Plus Non-Corporate Ask
iOne Plus Corporate Ask
iTwo Plus Non-Corporate Ask
iTwo Plus Corporate Ask
iTwo Value Non-Corporate Ask
iTwo Value Corporate Ask
iThree Plus Ask
Classic Corporate Ask
Classic Non-Corporate Ask
iFlexi Lite Ask
iFlexi Value Ask
iFlexi Plus Ask
iFlexi Premium Ask


SmartSurf HD Value Ask
SmartSurf HD Plus Ask
SmartSurf HD Premium Ask
SmartSurf Lite Ask
SmartSurf Value Ask
SmartSurf Premium Ask
SmartSurf Elite Ask
PowerValue 80 Ask
PowerValue 100 Ask
PowerValue 300 Ask
PowerValue 700 Ask
PowerTalk II Ask
PowerTalk Ultimate Ask
PowerChat 100 Ask
PowerChat 300 Ask
PowerConnect Ask
PowerPlay II Ask
PowerCall Ask

MobileOne (M1)

ValueSurf+ Ask
LiteSurf+ Ask
ExtremeSurf+ Ask
MaxSurf+ Ask
SunLite Ask
SunSaver Ask
Suntalk 100 Ask
SunSaver Plus Ask
Prime Plus Ask
SunMax Ask
SunMax Plus Ask
Talk All U Can Ask

How Do I SMS?

SMS Format:

Recontract <My Provider> <My Plan Name>


Recontract M1 SunSaver


You should receive a response within 12 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Will any of my personal information be revealed to you?

No, except for your contact details. We will pay for the phone, take the phone and compensate you as agreed. We only keep the phone package, all the other freebies are yours to keep.

For example, if you sign up for Singtel MIO plan, you will receive a free 2Wire 2700HGV-2 / 2701HGV-E wireless ADSL modem that you need to use the service. Sometimes, you will have a free data plan to play around with too.

2) How will I be paid?

You will be paid in Cash after the phone has been collected right at the phone shop.

3) What if there is no stock for the phone you want?

This situation rarely happens as we call to reserve our sets before meeting at the outlet. If it does happen, depending on the promotions, we will take another phone.

4) Why do you offer such a service?

Certain handsets offered through mobile phone companies are sold at a much lower price as compared to retail outlets and suppliers.

5) Why are you not able to offer a fixed payout?

Mobile phone promotions change periodically so we are unable to provide a fixed payout. The rates you see above are subject to change. SMS us for the latest rates!

6) Do you buy back my phones that I have purchased new with my contract?

Yes! Please contact us to quote you a offer. Once agreed, we can come to your place to collect the phone and pay you cash.

7) What if my current contract is not complete yet?

For 12 months re-contract, the payout will be $100 less as it is a penalty fee imposed by the company. For Singtel MIO plans, you can recontract your MIO plan every 12 months without the $100 fee! For Singtel Mobile customers and Starhub customers, you can also recontract without any penalty if you have less than 3 months of contract period left.

8) I am on a Student / Corporate / Singtel Mio plan. Can I sell my contract too?

Yes - please SMS us with your current plan and we will make you an offer.

We fix with no reloading or reinstallation of the OS. No reformatting! (In Most Cases)
Did You Know?
Did you know that NOT all prices of mobile phones are cheaper at telecoms?
Sometimes, it is cheaper to sell your contract, get cash for it, and buy a similar phone at your favourite retailer. Furthermore, some companies install customized firmware that display all kinds of ads - e.g. Singtel Mio branding.

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