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Serpent Isle Walkthrough by Lord DCD - Formatted by Ganesh (Bootstrike.Com)

Game - U 7 Part 2: Serpent's Isle
- Origin
- 11/10!!
Solve By
- Lord DCD
Release - Solve/Hints

Ultima 7 Part 2: Serpent's Isle

This game was great! The graphics are the best you will see from an RPG and it was even slightly faster than the previous Ultima 7, not to mention much more challenging. I was unable to play the game for 9 days due to spring (working 65+ hours in one week!) or I would have had the solve out around the 10th. I completed everything without using hack mover or using F3 to teleport. I've noticed that many people used the built in cheat which screwed up their game.

There really isn't any reason to cheat, but if you have a slow machine using F3 to move around (without entering places you are not supposed) might be a good choice.

- Lord DCD

Basic Hints for Playing the Game

  1. Max out your characters early in the game. Fight often and go train. Once the banes take over all the trainers, except one, will be killed.
  2. DON'T CHEAT! You will miss out on some good parts of the game and you might screw up your game completely.
  3. Get the magebane as soon as possible, it has the ability to sap a mage's spellcasting ability. (The coordinates are 53N 33W)
  4. Get a sextant as soon as possible since I have provided the coordinates for major points in the game.
  5. Buy as much reagents as possible while in Moonshade before the banes are released from the Temple of Order, otherwise you will find yourself running out quickly with nowhere to buy them.
  6. Here is a map of the serpent gates:
                     4                     6
                     |                     |
                     |          5          |
             3-------+          |          +------ 7
                      \         |         /
                       \        |        /
    1       2           +-------+-------+            8        9
    |       |           |       |       |            |        |
    |       |           |       |       |            |        |
    |       |           |       |       |            |        |
    |       |           |       |       |            |        |
    |       |           |       |       |            |        |
    |       |           |       |       |            |        |
    18     17           +-------+-------+            11      10
                       /        |        \
                      /         |         \
            16-------+          |          +-------12
                     |         14          |
                     |                     |
                    15                    13
            (Map edit from Ansi to Ascii by Sindarin)
    1. Teleporter (has a map of the serpent gates that is good for nothing!)
    2. Dungeon to the east of Monitor
    3. Temple of Emotion
    4. Temple of Chaos
    5. Temple of Balance (Sunrise Isle)
    6. Temple of Order
    7. Temple of Discipline
    8. Monk Isle
    9. Isle of the Dead
    10. North Woods
    11. Fawn
    12. Temple of Logic
    13. Temple of Ethicality
    14. Monitor
    15. Temple of Tolerance
    16. Temple of Enthusiasm
    17. Moonshade
    18. Erstam's House


After you go south a little ways you will lose your magical items and companions. Continue south across the bridge and talk to Thoxa. One of the other monks will appear and a battle will ensue. After the battle and the doc check, continue south where you will find Shamino. Shamino will make a list of the new items you have. Keep all these items since you will need to trade some of them later in the game if you want your original equipment.

Slightly to the souteast is a cave north of a red tree (the entrance is hidden). Open the chest after you get some lockpicks. Be sure to check the room to the north through the secret wall and search the body for a scroll and serpent scales. To the south of the cave entrance you will find Shamino's magic bow next to a pile of bones. Head southeast to Monitor.


Go to the northwest part of town and enter the large building (crematory) from the east entrance. Open the curtains in the southwest part of the building (click twice on the curtains).

Talk to Lord Martsen and ask permission to take the Test of Knighthood. You will also find Dupre so ask him to join again. Go to the Test of Knighthood (111 south 10 west) and talk to Schmed.

He will lead you inside and the Test of Knighthood begins. The test is very simple so I will only go over the hard parts: Go north and then run past the explosions to the east, get any keys you find to open doors, there is a secret door to the east of the room with the four chests (click on the 'wall' until it says 'Wall', this is a easy way to find secret doors), use the stones to make stairs to get the key on top,

Use the claw on yourself to get some blood, there is a secret door to the far west between two torches and this will get you to the final room. Use the blood on the goblin king ashes and kill the wolf. Bring back the meat and wolf. Schmed will attack you, and after killing him, read the note on his body. Get your equipment from his house. Talk to Cellia about the fur cap and give her the wolf after you take the meat out. Bring the meat to Lucilla in the pub.

Pick up the cloak from Cellia after 24 hours. Talk to Lord Martsen and go to the banquet hall in the southeast corner of Monitor. After the feast a fight will break out while the knights argue about the traitor.

Go to Lydia to get a tatoo. You will eventually get poisened and need to talk to Karna at her farm in the southwest corner of Monitor. She will tell you to get the Varo leaves from Delphynia in Fawn. Travel north along the brick road to Fawn (86 south 9 east) you will find Delphynia in the northeast section of town. Ask her about the Varo leaves and then return immediately to Monitor. Go back and talk to Lydia and you will find that she is the traitor.

Go back to Karna's farm and you will find Cantra has been taken over by one of the banes and Batlin will kill her (after you look at the crystal ball). Talk to Lord Martsen about Iolo (after visiting Iolo in the jail to the north) and ask him to release Iolo. Go to the jail and get Iolo to join you again. Go to the black monolith in the forest at coordinates (83 south 19 west). Get the bottle of liquor. Bring it back to the innkeeper and he will eventually confess and turn into a goblin. Get the key off of his body and go to the goblin entrance to the northeast of the monolith at (69 south 32 west). Use the key to open the door.

This part is pretty simple so I will only tell you to continue north until you reach the exit to the goblin village. Kill all the goblins until you get to the goblin king. Kill the goblin king and get the key off of his body. Return to the dungeon and open the treasure room door with the goblin king's key. Read all the notes implicating the Lord Martsen and the treasurer. Get the helm of courage and return to the mayor's office around 12 noon. Talk to you captain and let him know about the traitors. Lord Martsen and the treasurer will be thrown in jail. Talk to Lucilla the barmaid and get the key to open the door in the secret passage in the mountains just to the south of the crematory. Get the letter off the body and return it to Karna. You will also need an exploding barrel later in the game.

Fawn (86 south 9 east)

Talk to Alyssand and help her with the Fawn conspiracy. Talk to the councellor and ask for an audience with Lady Yelinda. Talk to Jorvin and have Iolo sing for him. Eventually he will get you an audience with Lady Yelinda. While you are talking to her, Dupre will mention about Lord British. Lady Yelinda ends up locking Dupre away until the trial.

During the trial the prosecutors will go on for a while and then there will be a break. Allysand will find you during the break and give you a key to help you break in the temple. Go to the temple and use the key on the far left door. Go upstairs and kill the guard. Move the levers until the Oracle speaks. Tell the Oracle to reveal the true traitors and have Dupre set free. The next day the Oracle will reveal the conspiracy and Dupre will be free and the priestess will be thrown in jail. Talk to Lady Yelinda and she will give you the Rose of Love (crystal rose).

The Sleeping Bull (109 south 24 east)

Talk to the people about Captain Hawk until you find out about him being locked up in the tower. Talk to the guards at the tower to the northwest of the town. Go back and talk to Selina (the pretty, devious looking blond) and she will tell you about the gold mine. Follow her to the north along the coast and stop at the House of the Chaos Hierophant (71 south 52 east).

Talk to the ghost of the Hierophant and he will tell you important clues for opening the Wall of Light in the Chaos Temple (he will also give you a scroll with the info) Continue on to the gold mine (also a haunted mansion) which is located at (77 south 81 east). Get some gold bars and leave, 5 guys will attack you and Selina will blink out. Read the note and get the Sword of Defense from one of the fighters. Return back to the tower and give the guard a gold bar. Release Hawk and have him take you to Moonshade.


After disembarking the ship, continue north and you will eventually reach Moonshade. Talk to Flindo about his connections. After a few hours have passed go back and ask him about his promise. After a few more hours you will be teleported to the banquest with the mages. Go to Pothos' shop (the house on the lake, take the stairs) and ask about helping him with find the bloodmoss. Go to the bloodmoss by the swamps (123 south 147 east) and pick some up. Take it back to Pothos and he will tell you how to get to Erstam's house. After you leave his shop, Shamino will disappear.

Talk to Fibercio and he will give you a key to take his boat to the small island in the center of the lake. Kill the red mage. Get the key off her body and release Shamino. Head to the northeast and follow the coast around to the west until you reach the dock. Ring the bell and board the turtle to go to Erstam's house.

Erstam's House

Tell him the password and keep talking until he will let you help him. After he teleports you to the island, follow the passage around until the exit and then go east to another entrance. When you get to the dead bird on the pedestal, pull the lever and the phoenix bird will be reborn. Get the phoenix egg from him and return back to Erstam's via the teleporter. Put two arms, two legs, a torso, a head, and the phoenix egg into the machine.

Pull the lever and watch Frankenstein walk out! Talk to Erstam again and get the jawbone and serpent teeth. Open the door behind his house and check the barrel for more serpent teeth. Use the serpent gate to go to Monk Isle. Go to the north where the swamp is and get some fresh mandrake (15 north 155 east). Use the serpent gate to return to Moonshade.


Go to Fedabiblio's house to the southeast of Moonshade in the mountains. Ask him about the spellbook and you will receive one. Now will be a good time to use transcribe to write all the scrolls you have picked up. Go to Frigadazzi's house to the northeast of town (the ice mage). Ask her about spell casting lesson's and then you will have to wake her up around midnight. She will then proceed to cast a spell on you and you will be forced to have sex with her (even avatars need some). The next day Fibercio will find you and then sentence you to the Freedom Mountains dungeon.

This dungeon is pretty straight-forward so I will only give you some hints: kill the automaton at the start and get his key, walk through the secret door to the north, get the blue thief to join you (what's his name kevin?), after you finally reach the mage at the end, release the demon from your black sword to kill him. After you exit, round up Dupre, Shamino, and Iolo. Talk to Gustacio about the problems with the storms. He will have you take an energy globe to a testing area to the north at (37 south 142 east). After walking upstairs, put the globe to the south and turn the crank.

Return to Gustacio and he will give you another energy globe. Return once again this time after putting the energy globe down and turning the crank, pull each lever and observe the lightning. Return once again to Gustacio and I think this is where he give you the mirror of truth. You will also have to talk to Fedabiblio about the sailor's lost brother. Gustacio will give you cage which you capture the parrot with and take back to the testing place. Put the cage in one of the slots behind a lever. Put the energy globe up there once again and turn the crank. Pull the lever and the parrot will change back into the sailor's brother. Talk to Captain Hawk in the bar and he will tell you about the dungeon to return to the mainland. Talk to Julia and she will give you the key (if you have the chill spell).

Go to the house to the south of the island in the lake at (95 south 135 east) and take the stairs down. You might want to give Mosh a fish first to get the harp that will charm the ratmen, but they are easy prey. Anyway follow the passages until you reach a bridge where a gargoyle is. After crossing the bridge, go to the southeast and until you find a room with two serpent statues. Click twice on the one to the left and you will have to take a test. Go to the room to the left first and push the button that the girls tell you, NOT the button Shamino tells you to push. Next go north and talk to Iolo, but do not follow him through the gate.

Go to the east and you will find Dupre, take the hammer and kill each snake that pops up into the floor. DO NOT follow Dupre to the north, there really isn't any treasure. When you get back, the gargoyle will give you the serpent staff. Go back to the bridge and go west. Be sure and pick up the Balance Blackrock Serpent which is just to the east of the exit to Monitor. Get the key off of one of the troll bodies.

Sleep Swamp

Go north to the swamps where your characters will fall asleep. This part is very straightforward also. You just need to find the main castle and use the Rose of Love, Helm of Courage, and Mirror of Truth at the proper area. After the guy is killed take the secret door and get the crystals. Return them to the lady to the northwest. The sleep spell will be removed and you are free to go north through the swamps.

Goldmine Town (77 south 81 east)

Talk to the lady at the front of the town and she will tell you about the King's Savior. Go west to the Forest Master's (Morghrim) house and he will tell you to get the orb from the evil guy at the Goldmine Town. Go to the west and you will find the King's Savior at (34 south 40 west). Take it back to the lady and use it on some arrows. Give the arrows to the Shamino if he still has his magic bow. Kill the evil guy and give the orb to Morghrim.

He will then give you the whistle for the Hound of Doskar. Use the whistle and show him Cantra's sword. You can find the secret entrance to Shamino's Castle at (2 north 79 east). After you reach the inside of the castle pull all the levers in the one room to the northeast. Now I don't know why but I left here and came back and the blue shield turned into fire for some reason which will allow you to enter the building. You will find the gargoyle, the pirate, and some fighters. Batlin will come out and teleport away. Go upstairs and find Cantra's body. A monk will come and take her body back to Monk Isle. Get Batlin's medallion to track him with the Hound of Doskar.

Temple of Order

Take one of the cave entrances to the west through the mountains until you can reach the exit to the north. The entrance to the Temple of Order is at (38 north 96 east). I didn't know the password for the automaton at the entrance (I'm not sure if you can even find it), so I just cast telekenisis on the button and opened the gate and then killed the automaton. Continue to follow the passage around until you reach a larger section of the temple.

You will need to go to each room of order and read the scrolls. One scroll will tell you what you need to get from each room. I remember that you need the abacus, serpent dagger, and I think a book of some kind. Take them to the altar in front of the library and put each one on the pedestal according to what the plaque says. Use the serpent item it gives you on the pedestal inside the library. You will then be teleported to the main library room. Read all of the scrolls and then go to the east room. You will now be able to answer the automatons question regarding the book. After you find the pirate, continue north and get the key off of the dead pirate's body. Go back south and then west.

Open the door that is to the northeast of the library with it and push the button on the floor to make it rise up. Continue east and run north to get past the field that pops up on the floor. You will have a tough battle with Selina (unless if you have the Magebane). Get the dispel field scroll off of her body. Continue north into the Temple of Order and you will watch Batlin get killed once and for all! Get the Blackrock Order Serpent in the ground. The Banes will take over Shamino, Dupre, and Iolo. Leave their stuff on the ground since you can come back for it later (you won't be able to carry it all anyway). Return to Moonshade and talk to the barkeep. He will give you the key to Captain Hawk's chest.

Follow the map and the stash is located at (74 south 24 west), get the serpent crown. Talk to the thief and ask him about the curse. Kill the knight that is after him and he will give you a key to get the Chaos Blackrock Serpent at (82 south 96 east). Search all the buildings of the mages and you will find gold chests that contain more serpent teeth.

Gwani (23 north 3 east)

You will need to kill a dragon and use a bucket on the dragon to get the blood for the dying little gwani girl. The dragon can be found at (88 north 18 west). Bring the blood back to the town leader and she will give you the password for the Temple of Chaos.

Temple of Chaos (2 north 2 east)

Just match up the runes with correct symbol on the plaque. Push them until you find the proper pattern (very easy), it will turn purple each time you do it in the right order. After you recite the words you can go in. Now is the time to kill the vampire to the northeast. Go into his room and read the scroll, when you try to leave he will attack. The magebane is very helpful here also. After killing him use dispel field to get the gwani horn.

Pick up the flux modulator and Philanderer's Friend (green wand). Put the black sword on the ground and use the flux modulator on it. Pick the black sword up again. You can get Rudyom's wand to the southeast but I don't know what purpose it serves in this game. Exit back out since you will not be ready to open the Wall of Light in the Chaos Temple yet.

Gwenno (102 north 56 west)

Go to Gwenno and use the Gwani Horn whenevery you encounter an ice barrier. You will know when you find Gwenno since it will play some different music. After releasing her from the ice take her back to Monk Isle and have her resurrected. Talk to Karnax about the cure. Go to Moonshade and use Philanderer's Friend on the statue of Fedabiblio in his house. He will appear and give you the serpent scroll. Return back to Monk Isle and Karnax will give you a scroll telling you which waters you will need from the temples.

Temple of Discipline (43 north 86 east)

Push all the buttons to unlock the doors, go upstairs and get the y-shaped obelisk. Put it in the panel to the south of the statue. Go downstairs and cast reveal when you are near the single coffin to the south to find the chest with the key. Go back upstairs to the east and open the secret door to the south and get the key. Open the door to the north and open the chest to the west to get the arrows of discipline (what are these used for????). Now you have to back to Moonshade in the tavern and kill the girl automaton (just like the wall of visions shows you in Monk Isle).

Take her body back to the Temple of Discipline and cast create automaton. She will come back to life and then go to the mind transference room. Tell her to get on the platform to the left. Push the button and you will switch bodies. It will be a good idea to have two buckets so you don't have to do this twice. Take the stairs going down to the east and walk across the acid. Get the water of discipline and return to Monk Isle. Use the water of discipline on Gwenno. Return to Moonshade and talk to mage who now walk around in Fibercio's Castle. Give him the Philanderer's Friend and he will give you the soul prism scroll. Go to Ducio and have him make you some worm gems. Cast create soul prism on three of them. It is now time to find the waters' of chaos.

Temple of Emotion (21 north 52 east)

Talk to the girl imprisoned in the green section of the wall. Smash the altar and get all four lodestones. Put them on the posts next to the eye of the moons. Use a bucket on the water to get the water of emotion.

Temple of Enthusiasm (80 north 140 east)

Very simple, just use a bucket on the well to the get the water of enthusiasm. The sceptre of enlightment and hammer of dedication serve no purpose as far as I can tell.

Temple of Tolerance (61 north 63 east)

Mortegro is stuck on the center path. Get the key and go to the basement. Cast serpent bond and go through the small passage to the west. Pull the lever to open the door and get the key. Use the key to open the door where the crank is (upstairs). Open the secret doors to the north of Mortegro and get him to join you.

He will give you the summon shade spell which I couldn't find a use for either. After you leave he will get zapped again and I don't think you will see him again. Return to Gustacio's house in Moonshade and put a bucket on the altar to get the water of tolerance.

Castle of the White Dragon (34 south 87 east)

This part is a little tough to find all the keys, but not impossible. The first key is in the room to the west with the music instruments. Be sure and get the second key off of the table in the southeast corner. The third key is in the room directly north. Open the door to the west with the spinning threads. Move one of the bails of wool and pull the lever. Open the door to the north and then pull the lever in the northwest section of the room.

Also go to the large middle room and use a lockpick on the door to the southeast. Pick the lock to the north and get the key in the plate. Return to room north of fireballs and lightning and open the door to the east. Pick the lock on the door to the northwest and get the key in the drawer. Go downstairs. This part takes a while all you need to do is open the left door and then pull a lever and keep on getting to other rooms and get the keys and pull all the levers till you can go to the far southeast and open the door to the south. Go west in the large room and you will meet the banes! If you have used the flux modulator on your sword you will be able to kill them pretty easily.

Use the black sword on each of the prisms after they have been treated by the water of emotion, enthusiasm, and tolerance. The banes should be imprisoned in each one. Take all three bodies back to Monk Isle to have them resurrected. You will now have to go to the Temple of Logic, and Temple of Ethicality.

Temple of Logic (23 north 64 east)

After following the passages around to the north you will reach five frozen bodies, use the Gwani Horn on them and they will blow up. Go to the northeast and walk over the teleporters till you get the right pattern. After teleporting to the Temple of Logic you will need to put the runes in a certain order. I just did this part by brute force until it opened. Talk to the Automatons and accuse number 4.

After killing him you will get the key to open the door to the west. I didn't do this part but I was informed that you can put the far left stone on top of the second from the right and it will work. Its not really two STRAIGHT lines of four, but it will work. Or you can do as I did and cast dispel field and get the key.

Temple of Ethicality (33 north 132 east)

This part is pretty straightforward also. Just walk east to the carpet and click twice on the serpent carpet. The ethicality test will begin and the first thing to do is go east and read the plaque in front of the door. Open the door then save the man by pushing the button on the post. Next you will be teleported to another area.

Walk east and drop all of you gold in your backpack and whatever you have on the gold pedestal. Walk east and push the button. Next you will have to fight Batlin again. When you are about to die keep fighting when he asks you to give up. The water will now flow from the fountain above ground and you can get a bucket of the water of ethicality.

Monk Isle

Return to Monk Isle and use the water of discipline on Dupre, Logic on Iolo, and Ethicality on Shamino. Xenka will appear and tell you to go to the Isle of the Dead. Take the Serpent Tooth she gives you and go there via the serpent gate.

Isle of the Dead (12 north 44 west)

Follow the serpent emblem on the ground and push each button you pass. Eventually you will come to a room and open the secret door in the northwest corner. It will tell you to stand to continue and walk a little north to be teleported. Continue to the west and you will reach a room with an undead walking around. Kill him and get the scroll. Put the scroll on the pedestal next to the gold serpent in the previous room and you will be teleported.

After reading the book in the center of the room you will be teleported once again to another room which contains the Eye of Chaos. Use dispel field to get the eye. There is a secret door to the north with a teleporter but I don't know what the room is for that is teleports you to. Return to Xenka. Ask her about the sacrifice. You will pull straws and it turns out that you will have to sacrifice your life. Go to the crematory at Monitor and Dupre will decide that you must continue on and kill himself. Get the urn with his ashes.

Temple of Chaos

Get a barrel from Monitor in the secret entrance to the mountains to the west. Take it to the double doors in the skullcrusher mountains just to the north of the serpent gate. Let the barrel explode by clicking on it twice (make sure you aren't around it). Walk to the north after following the passages around for a very long time you will find a large room with many serpent statues and a lake in the middle.

Search the north wall for secret doors to find the Temple of Chaos. Put the Chaos Blackrock Serpent in the slot. Then put each prism on the proper altar. Finally put Dupre's ashes on the third altar and the task will be done. Collect the Chaos Blackrock Serpent.

The Trapper (59 north 25 east)

Find the trapper and kill him, get the amulet off of his body and return it to the Gwani leader. She will give you another serpent tooth.

Serpent Armor

Get the comb from Columna's chest by taking the secret door on the north end of her house. The key will be a green one in case you picked it up earlier. Take the brush to Lady Yelinda who is hiding in the swamps to the northeast of Fawn. Take the key she gives you and open the door in her throne room. Get the serpent armor and one of the best weapons you will find (an infinite bow!!!).

Sunrise Isle

Take the serpent gate to sunrise isle. Get one of each of the blue and red serpent small statues. Put them one blue and one red serpent on each side of the scale. Get the artifacts that appear. Take each artifact and find its opposite temple (read the book that is to the west of the building you are in). Place the proper artifact on the pedestal in each temple. Once you have found all of them then get the book it gives you and return to the building with the serpent gate. Read the book after you cross over and read it once more (you need to be between the poles). Go north and open the big doors. Go to the west and get the key out of the bag and another infinite bow.

Go east and unlock the chest and get one candle. Go back to the west and put the candle in the ice pedestal. Go north and get the ice prism and put it on the fire altar to the east. Get the object to the north. Put the object of fire and ice in the center pedestal in front of the large double door. Continue north. This part is also pretty simple. Just use telekenisis on some of the buttons then go through the secret door under the stairs to the northwest. Eventually you will make your way to the cubes of fire and ice. You will need approximately three of each. Go back to the center pedestal and alternately put a cube of fire and then ice on the pedestal.

Stairs will appear one by one behind you, eventually allowing you to reach a teleporter. Walk to the north and place the serpent staff, armor, and crown on the altar to the north. The Blue Order Serpent Eye will appear. After you are teleported walk to the north and kill the order army. Put all three blackrock serpents in their proper slots. Put both the order and chaos eyes on the altar. Get the ophidian sword Xenka gave you and chop the serpent statue.

Sit back and enjoy the ending! The work was well worth it! I sure hope Pagan doesn't come out during the school year, I had to sacrifice quite a bit to get this solve out... Thanks to Xavier X for helping out with the beginning part of the game. I was stuck at the end for so long I forgot some of the beginning part.

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