Click on the city you want more information on Situated on a narrow isthmus between Waikato and Northland, Auckland is New Zealand's largest city. Nearly one-quarter of the country's population, around one million people, lives in the Auckland metropolitan area. In recent decades the city has seen an influx of people from the Pacific Islands, making it the largest Polynesian city in the world.

It also has a large Maori population, and lately has had an inflow of immigrants from various countries in Asia, making the city the most cosmopoiitan in the country.

There are several extinct volcanic cones dotted around the city, many of which were the sites of fortified Maori villages, or pas. Remnants of these entrenchments are still visible today at landmark sites like One Tree Hill and Mt Eden.

Auckland's northerly position and proximity to large bodies of water gives the city a warm but relatively wet climate. It seldom gets very cold or very hot, although high humidity can be uncomfortable in the summer.

Click on the city name you want more information on the image! Auckland, Northland, Coromandel, Walkato, Wellington, Marlborough, Nelson, Central Southern Alps, Otago and Southland

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