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Fastest Builder

An American is in Singapore for a short stay. He gets into a cab and asks the driver to show him the sights. The cabby first takes him to Orchard Road.

"What's that?" says the American.

"Oh, that's Takashimaya shopping center. It's a shopping complex with over 300 stores."

"Gollee," drawls the American. "How long do you reckon it took to put?"

"Oh, I dunno," replies the cabby. "About two years, I think."

"TWO years!" exclaims the American. "Why, in American, we would out that up in less than ONE year!"

The cabby continues on the tour and passes by Shenton Way.

"What's that?" says the American, craning his neck and looking up.

"Oh, That's the UOB Building. It's got 70 stories and about 10,000 people work in that one building."

"Mah Goodness," drawls that American. "How long do you reckon it took to put that up?"

The cabby, not wanting to be outdone this time, said, "Oh, I seem to remember that going up in about six months."

"Six Months!" exclaims the American. "Why, in American, we could put up that building in THREE months!"

The cabby is now getting a little annoyed. He turns west and takes his passenger by another expressway.

"Golleee," drawls the American, looking 1,800 feet up to the top of the tower, "What's that?"

"I dunno," says the cabby. "It wasn't here this morning."

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