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Funny Videos

This is the latest addition to Laughter HELL! Since its newly started, the selection is currently few.

But rest assured, the videos below are specially selected for having the MAJOR humorous effort! More coming soon!

  1. Laughter is Contagious
    See if you can watch this video without grinning.
  2. Flash Stick Figure Comes Alive
    A designer does a stick figure that suddenly comes alive!
  3. Fight of the Desktop Icons!
    The stick figure is back! Now, it goes on to destroy the Windows Desktop too!
  4. Telemarketer Calls. What do you do? Stage a prank!
    A fed up man receives a telemarketer call and handles it in a hilarious manner.
  5. Fedex - We Live To Deliver
    Delivery man gets marooned on an island but gets the package delivered.
  6. Head In A Cooker Prank
    A prank where a head is placed in a cooker
  7. Newscaster Prank Calls
    Live shows always receive prank calls. Here is a select funniest of them.
  8. How to install Windows Vista
    Guy "installs" Windows Vista into his new machine with a twist
  9. The Space Take-Off
    Two astronauts prepare to take off - but somebody's hungry
  10. Rules of Conduct in a Cinema
    Mr. Bean demonstrates what you shouldn't do in a cinema
  11. Man's Toilet Kindness
    Three men in the toilet help one guy to smoke while he does his thing
  12. A Choir's Nintendo Act-Out
    Super Mario, Zelda and even Moral Kombat sung and acted out by a choir!
  13. Two Cats Talking - Watch Video 1 and then Video 2
    Cats having a conversation, and the translated version.
  14. Cats That Talk
    More cats talking
  15. What is Love Crazy Dance
    These guys keep on dancing and dancing. Featuring Jim Carey
  16. How to Fix a Stuck Vending Machine
    Well, the old fashioned way of course!
  17. Super Mario Challenge Difficulty (With Commentary)
    Ever played Super Mario in Super Hard Mode? Well see how it is. More videos below!
  18. Lifeguard: Pool will be closed for 5 minutes for a bathroom break
    Lifeguard orders everyone of the pool for his special bathrrom break.
  19. James Bond 007 Auto Experience
    007 is late for a date and hitches a ride on a local auto
  20. Bud weiser - Motivating the Wrong Person
    Sky divers are being motivated by their colleague until the reluctant last person. Bud weiser to the rescue!
  21. Alien Spies
    A dog was impersonated by an alien to uncover the secret language of the humans. The dog reports back...
  22. Fire - But Who To Save?
    The fire fighters don't have much time. They start an auction of whom to save. However...
  23. Grand Theft Auto Paraody
    How Grand Theft Auto would look like in real life. By Comey Central
  24. The Latest Coffee Cup
    Bud Light Institute showcases its latest innovation of coffee cup
  25. Guy Goes Around Surprising People with Sudden Screams
    He appears and surprises a lady browsing, a team briefing and many other places
  26. Suzuki, Honda and Harley Davidson Bike Sounds
    A man imitates the engine sounds of the different branded motor bikes.
  27. Parking Lot Rage
    How one small matter can explode into a big fight in a matter of minutes
  28. Mistaken Sources
    Woman mistakes sounds on the other end of the phone for something else
  29. An Incoming Ship That Refuses To Steer Away
    A captain orders a ship on its path to steer away so as to avoid collision but the ship keeps outright refusing!
  30. Buying Restroom Tickets In Advance At Amusement Park
    At an amusement park, visitors are asked to purchase tickets of Peepee and Poopoo in order to use the toilets before entering.
  31. How To Be a Bad Interviewer And Keep Interrupting
    A interviewer annoys the interviewee by constantly interrupting before she gets the chance to answer fully

Interesting Videos

  1. A Bird that imitates Michael Jackson's famous Moon Walking!
    What more to say? This bird can perform moves that look very similar to Michael Jackson's moon walk!
  2. And a bird that imitates everything it hears when mating!
    It copies other birds' songs. But it doesn't stop there. It copies other sounds too.
  3. Super Mario Challenge Difficulty 1 (And 2) (And 3) (And 4)
    Ever played Super Mario in Super Hard Mode? Well see how it is
  4. Octupus Perfectly Camouflages with its Environment
    A undersea video of a octupus blending in with some sea plants. Includes a slow playback motion.
  5. Santa's Preparing To Go For Christmas!
    Do you wonder where your letters to Santa Claus from all around the world go?

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