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All your base are belong to us

UPDATE: As this animation is based on Flash, you'll need to use a browser that still supports Flash. Note: Flash has many vulnerabilities. We have plans to convert simple animations to video files. Check back soon! For Chrome users, you need to enable Adobe Flash Player. No installation is required, simply click on the jigsaw piece to the right side of the URL bar above, Manage, untick "Block sites from running Flash (recommended)".

If you can't see the flash movie above, please download the latest flash plug-in from here.

Wondering what is this "All Your Base are belong to us "? . .You're not alone .. click here to find out more!

Looking for the soundtrack? It's Invasion of the Gabber Robots by the Laziest Men.

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Bob Sled Unregistered Anonymous This is damn hilarious xD
posted 22 Apr 2008 - Reply - Permanent Link

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