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Featured Jokes

Here are some audio, funny flash movies and other files that are really funny.

1. Prank Calls - You Kicked My DOG!!

Kerpal's prank calls are one of the funniest, three chair-breakin' prank calls done! One on "You Kicked My Dog" and "Pick me up at Airport". Check 'em out. Also, You Stole My Newspaper!

I came across another two, The Defective Furby Toy (Furby Prank Call) and a Talking Cable Box, done by the Jerky Boys. . .! Zipped up mp3 files.

2. All Your Base Are Belong to Us

Don't know what this is? The craze that made it to the Google's Top searches. Check out the flash movie here.

3. All Your Smurfs . . .

CATS interviews a Smurf from The Smurfs? Influenced by the above movie. Check out the flash movie here.

4. Osama Bin Laden's Diplomacy

Osama surrenders at the look of America unity only to discover what really is happening. Check out the flash movie here.

5. Racing Car Human Sound Simulation

Two humans mimicking two racing cars . . or is it more than 2? Check out the flash movie here.

6. Bin Laden Has Nowhere To Run - Nowhere To Hide

The Allies against the terrorists as they war against terror? Bin Laden get's a hell of his own time. Check out the flash movie here.

7. The Bad and The Good of using the Road

Doing the good things on the road just doesn't seem to work out sometimes and turns out bad. Check out the flash movie here.

8. DeLa and OrT of a Down

The Modern way of enjoying music? LOL, check out the video here.

9. Windows RG

The new version of modded Windows - Windows RG.

10. Hestekor

Create your own music master piece by using the 4 animals in your disposal. Hestekor.

11. Icon Story

The war of the icons in the desktop. View the movie here.

12. Adidas: Impossible is Nothing Ad

The power of wearing shoes can make the impossible come true. View the movie here.

13. Lord of the Rings True Story

The ring gets stuck in the ... View the movie here.

14. Concert Rock Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of a concert rock band. View the movie here.

15. Chinese Business Comedy

A comedian relates a funny experience in dealing with a Chinese. View the movie here.

16. The Live Photocopy Machine

Don't blame them for jamming, it's really not their fault - View the movie here.

17. The Moods of Going to Work and Home

When we go to work on Monday, our mood is not that good. But for going home on Friday, it's the opposite.

18. Sulking Dogs

Dogs can sometimes be very persuasive.

19. Best Beer from Natural Springs

The best beer from the natural Springs - Just how natural can it get?

20. Immigration Control

Immigration control at its worst - View the clip here.

21. The Sperm Bank

Shhh - a world class robbery is on...

22. Belting Up Restricts your Soul

Did you know that belting up can save your soul from escaping your body?

23. Cleaning Prison

A daughter talks through the visitor's barrier to her imprisoned mother..

24. Elephant Memory

Never mistake the elephants long term memory.

25. The Internet Helpdesk

Being the consultant for a helpdesk is no ordinary task. Know first, that the Hold Button is your number one help tool...

26. Killing Boredom

Getting rid of boredom can be a heavy task. But if you look around, you may find something to kill it.

26. Harry Potter and Friends Grown Up

Things don't remain the same after they become teenagers. Harry Potter and his male pal become more mature. As for the lady...

27. Einstein The Talking Parrot

This talking parrot "Einstein" never fails to amaze every time you watch this clip.

28. River IQ Test

This is a popular IQ test, some say it is in Taiwanese and some say it is Chinese. But it is fun to play!

29. Interview with a Honest Boss

The worst boss ever. Open door policy? Hah - that means you have to close it for him. What else?

30. Why, Daddy? Why?

A kid starts to know many truths about her dad from a simple question, by asking a series of Why's.

31. Grandpa in Japan

How people react to a really flexible Grandpa in Japan.

31. Protecting your Car

One of the odd ways of protecting your expensive car from jealous eyes.

32. Matrix Ping Pong

Two dudes play ping pong with 'magical' powers.

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