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Copying Styles

A boy was trying to hit a leaf on a tree by throwing a stone.

The first time he tried, he missed. Angry, he said to himself "Damn!". Suddenly a poof of smoke appeared and the god Karbara appeared in front of him. "Young man! Don't say bad words or I will punish you", it said and vanished into thin air.

The boy didn't give any further thought of the threat. He tried hitting the leaf with another stone and missed again.

Again he said to himself "Damn!". The god Karbara appeared again and told him off, this time adding "This is my final warning".

Not caring a dime, he tried hitting the leaf again and missed. "DAMN!".

The god Karbara appeared and said "You have tested my patience to the limit ".

Karbara summoned a bolt of lightning onto her hands, aimed at the boy and threw it. The bolt missed and struck the tree.

Angry, Karbara said "DAMN".

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