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Installing Software The Right Way

This one borders on the unbelievable, but it's 100% true. It didn't happen to me, - it happened to my fellow late night tech, Jason.

Caller: I installed a bunch of CD's, but the programs are missing.

Jason: Was the CD Rom drive working??

Caller: Yes, I installed the CD's

Jason: Well, let me install one with you to make sure you're doing it right. Open your CD Rom Drive.

Caller: My what??

Jason: Your Cd Rom drive - push the button.

Caller: I don't know what you mean??

Jason: Well, how did you install the CD's?

Caller: I just pushed them in the slot.

Jason: And where are they now?

Caller: I don't know - in the machine I guess.

Jason: Ummm, will you please gently tilt your tower

Caller: *tilts tower - sound of falling Cd's*

Ok, you get the point - the caller was shoving her CD's in one of the little cracks between the front panels on her computer, and they just fell inside. She thought she was "installing" them. When the computer was opened, there were over 20 cd's inside.

The scary part is, she actually EARNED enough money to buy a computer. Somebody PAYS her for something. Disturbing.

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