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The God Technician

Talk about feeling like a God

Caller: Hi - I'm stuck on playing my new game

Me: What part are you stuck on??

Caller: It says click here to install?? What should I do??

Me: Do you want to install it??

Caller: Yes

Me: Then click where it says to

Caller: here??

Me: Yes - click here

Caller: WOW!! It's installing - how did you do that??

Me: Ummm... I just know these things

Caller: Oh wait - now it says click OK to finish?? Should I click OK??

Me: Yes

Caller: Oh wow - it's finished - now it says click here to play. Should I click where it says??

Me: Yes

Caller: WOW!! The games on.. I never could have done this without you!! I wish I knew as much as you.. Thank you so much

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