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Computer Jokes! All jokes I see always make fun of one company or other (Microsoft, Intel). Makes me wonder why if they hate these companies so much they still buy their products.

  1. Caveman Has A Computer Problem!
  2. Modern Communication Devices
  3. My AOL Diary
  4. Virtual Bonds in Software
  5. Reasons You Shouldn't Forward Me That Email
  6. Intelligent Unix Responses
  7. Computers in Movies

Tech Support Humor (Mostly contributed thanks to Night Owl, a technician)

  1. Typical Computer Buying Experience
  2. My Computer's Slow!
  3. It's Not There
  4. It Doesn't Print
  5. What tech support people would have loved to say
  6. The Evil Owl's On Hold Message on the Tech Support line
  7. Common Tech Support Humor You May Know Already
  8. Newbie Buys A Computer
  9. The God Technician
  10. Tech Support's Nightmare Printer Setup
  11. Installing Software The Right Way
  12. How Evil Owl would love to respond to his customers
  13. Funny Call Center Experiences

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