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Top Irritating Acts in Public Transport

  1. Taking out more thigh space than usual.
    When sitting down, one would open his legs like tua bek kong, resulting in less than normal leg room for others. In the end we look like virgins and they look like pros.
  2. People rushing into an already packed train
    It is almost like a horror movie. The train is already fking full and just when u think that is the worse, another train arrive and the interchange. It doesn't help that he/she smells
  3. When sitting, someone 'kiao ka' (cross his/her legs)
    and the sole keep rubbing on to your clothing. knn seriously no manners!
  4. People using his HP macham like remote control
    Esp for 'trend setters' or haolian kias, like to show off his/her phone. Keep moving the hp ard when messaging, macham its remote control cannot have signal. nb
  5. Using handphone ringtone like radio.
    Playing HP ringtone again and again and again and again. For mono ring tones you look just plain suaku so stop it!
  6. Acting like surgeons.
    I sure u see, esp middle age ladies, that like to put a tissue or cover his/her mouth or/and nose with tissue paper. Macham we are the only one with germs. Worse is when there is no one coughing, sneezing, and the odour probably come from the 'surgeons' themselves.
  7. People entering the train blocking the exit
    If you don't let me come out how are you going to go in? :confused: This is becoming a national issue. Happens very often in lifts as well!!!

    Seriously.. if i am a foreigner, i would have thought that those yellow lines are draw to indicate that when waiting to enter the train, please stay inside the yellow lines (with arrows)
  8. People leaning onto the grab poles
    Feels like punching them on the back when pretending to grab the poles....
  9. Gals with long hair keep shaking around, macham they are in hair advertisement..
    Seriously... do you feel shiok with their hair hitting you on the face...?
  10. Babies crying super loud..
    I know this is mean but I am being honest here.
  11. People walking from 1 end of the train to the other
    For no reason, I often see dudes walking from 1 end to the other. For F? There are empty seats ard but they dun occupy them. So are they practising their cat walk or wat? It is even worse when the train is half full, people have to 'siam' to give them space.
  12. Just when you are appreciating a chiobu,
    Someone move over and block your view. KNN
  13. Like point number 1, but this time shoulder space.
    This is my pet peeves when it comes to transport. Please dun have broad shoulders, neither is it biceps. IT IS FATS. So stop folding your arms and just place them on your thighs you moron

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