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Ah Beng / Ah Lian

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This page gives Singapore kind of jokes using lah and ma, etc. Ah Beng is a common word used in Singapore referring to a person who is very gangster-like, but stupid.

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  1. Ah Beng's Business Venture
  2. Ah Beng's Job Interview
  3. Ah Beng Hot Shot
  4. Ah Beng All Wet
  5. Ah Beng was asked to make a sentence using 10 numbers . . .
  6. Beng Communication
  7. New Work's Rules
  8. Ah Beng's Letterbox
  9. Ah Beng's FutureCard
  10. Top Irritating Acts in Public Transport
  11. Broken Lift
  12. Now That's What I Call Guts
  13. Little Ah Beng Ah Lian Jokes
  14. Short Singlish
  15. Finance Department Cost Cutting Measures

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