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Laughter HELL! - Laugh Like HELLWelcome to Laughter Hell! You have just stumbled upon our personally hand-picked funniest jokes, photos, images and video collection, including Flash animations!

As weeks and months and years pass by, we will continue to grow bigger with more funny jokes and media. That's the main purpose of this site, to get you to open your mouth and LAUGH LIKE HELL!

Be careful of breaking your chair laughing. We mean it.

Enough of chatter, pick your taste!

  • Computer (Geeks tend to understand these better)
  • Ah Beng (Singapore chinese 'gangster' jokes)
  • Featured Jokes (Here you can find the funniest video clips and flash animation)
  • Funny Videos (NEW! Videos from YouTube, Google, etc)
  • Kids (Little Johnny stuff - Kids can be much more entertaining)
  • Miscellaneous (You guessed it, things that don't fit anywhere else)
  • Little Jokes (Great for presentations, lectures, seminars - Please give credit)
  • Love (Anything to do with love, husbands, wives and BGR)
  • Smart People (People who are just... let's put it this way, TOO smart!)

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