Updates (8/May/09) v0.86:

  • Cleaned up HTML/CSS
  • E-Mail notification not sent for previewing cards from Step 3

Updates (1/Jan/08) v0.85:

  • Database performance changes
  • E-Mail Notification is only sent for unique views, not page refreshes

Updates (2/Sep/07) v0.84:

  • Fixed e-mail bug with international names
  • Cosmetic changes

Updates (30/Mar/07) v0.83:

  • Added one Love card!
  • Added one Get Well Soon card!

Updates (25/Mar/07) v0.82:

  • Added two Love cards!
  • Added three April's Fool cards!

Updates (09/Dec/06) v0.81:

  • Added two more Christmas cards! Merry Christmas!

Updates (06/Dec/06) v0.80:

  • Added two more Christmas cards!

Updates (20/Oct/06) v0.79:

  • Cosmetic changes

Updates (29/Jul/06) v0.78:

  • Support for International languages! Now you can input your messages in German, Chinese or other UTF compatible text!
  • Cosmetic changes

Updates (17/Jul/06) v0.77:

  • MAJOR BUG REMOVED! Security code messes up.
  • Changed to session from cookie storage
  • Fix handling of lines and double quotes
  • Alignment of security code fixed.

Updates (28/May/06) v0.75:

  • MAJOR BUG REMOVED! The slashes bug has been crushed!
  • Changed security code to a better font with capitalized letters
  • Made it such that the security code updates itself with each refresh
  • Added "Change Card" option in Step 2.
  • Added "Loading" text before the thumb nails load.
  • Moved Security code to bottom of page
  • Cosmetic changes

Minor Updates

  • (13th Apr 2006 v0.71) Added frames for the Form fields

Update (27/Jan/06) v0.7:

  • 'From' text removed from all cards
  • E-Mail Notification added! Get notified when the recipient views your cards
  • E-Mail Send copy feature added! Send a copy of the recipient's email to yourself
  • Two Get Well Soon cards added
  • Four Birthday cards added
  • One Love card added
  • Started keeping track of Updates (this page)
  • Most Cards now have background music

Update (18/Jan/06) v0.65:

  • Full Screen Preview link added to homepage
  • E-Mail feature added!

Update (15/Jan/06) v0.61:

  • More Chinese New Year cards! Gong Xi Fa Cai!
  • Happy Birthday cards!